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These tools will enable you to:

  • Upload a press release directly to our editorial team for review
  • Upload photos to accompany the press release and illustrate the final story
  • Submit a quick news tip if you don't have a press release handy
  • Set up 30-minute call with the EQ Editorial Team

Direct Access to Editorial Team

Every submission is added directly to our editorial planning calendar and workflow. So, you can rest easy that your pitch has not been lost in email.

We also ask for your phone number, so we can call you for clarifications.

Easy to Use Tools

Have a company update you want to make sure we know about, but don't have a press release?

That's ok! EQ Business Tools also offers a quick questionnaire to briefly explain the story you'd like to pitch. If it's of interest, we'll follow up directly to get the details.

Feel like the press release you've sent doesn't get to the heart of the story?

No problem! Simply schedule an Editorial Briefing and we'll hop on a call to discuss more.

Editorial Team Promise

EQ promises to review every submission. We can't promise to publish every submission. Should we choose not to publish your story, we'll reach out to explain why.

EQ will respect your anonymity if that's requested. We also honor embargoed news.