Principal Keynote
Tim Sanders

We are thrilled to announce that Tim Sanders, the author of "Love is the Killer App" is headlining EQ Leadership Labs.


EQ Leadership Labs is grateful for support from our local and national partners.

15th April 2019 @ Union Station

Doors open 8am

Full-day agenda till 5pm. 

Marketing & Influence

Learn from pioneers in digital strategy.

SEO and the Customer Journey: Stop Selling – Start Helping!

This session covers understanding intent and the importance of early stage content.

It's not just about being relevant any more – it's about being relevant and “useful in the moment” by creating a customer experience that assists and helps the flow on the customer journey. The intention economy grows around the buyer, not the seller. And content is processed most efficiently at low levels of attention, not high. So connecting much earlier with potential customers to build stronger brand affinity seems obvious.

Yet so much more attention is paid to developing content online designed to sell, not to help and create an emotional connection. And when it comes to voice activated queries, the new notion of concierge style predictive search is important to understand.

It’s all about the difference between search and service.

This session could actually have been called: The difference between the search engine optimizer (SEO) and the content experience analyst (CEA) of the future.


Mike Grehan, CMO & Managing Director @ Acronym

SEO pioneer, author, world-traveler and keynote speaker, Champagne connoisseur and consummate drinking partner to the global digital marketing community. Former publisher of and, and producer of the industry’s largest search and social marketing event, SES Conference & Expo. Proud to be Chairman of SEMPO the largest global trade Association for search marketers. And equally proud to be CMO & Managing Director of Acronym, the darned finest search marketing agency in the known universe.

Fun fact: Used to be a popular radio DJ in the UK… Before finding a proper job.

Discoverable, Shareable & Memorable

How to Uncover Your Personal Brand and Learn to Tell a Better Story About You

With a myriad of different digital touch points now vying for our attention, your personal brand is out there whether you own it or not. In this session, Mel Carson will take your on an actionable journey to uncover your personal brand, establish your professional purpose, and help you shape a story for yourself that lays out your wisdom and expertise for all to see and learn from. You’ll get practical advice to help you make the very best impression both online and in person, and understand how to put your best foot forward in creating a professional legacy to be proud of.

Mel Carson, Founder and CEO @ Delightful Communications

Mel Carson, Founder and CEO of Seattle-based Modern Marketing & Digital PR firm, Delightful Communications, is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Personal Branding Consultant. He is author of two books, Pioneers of Digital and Introduction to Personal Branding. Prior to starting Delightful, Mel was the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Microsoft, helping big brands establish a presence on social media and online communities.

Building A Digital Marketing Team to Go Beyond the Basics

So you've got a website, it looks ok, but you don't really have a focus on digital marketing.

Someone has done the basics, the meta-tags look ok, the content seems fine, your traffic has been slowly edging in the right direction, but now you are ready to take it to the next level.

How do you start? What do you need to do before you start? Do you have the right team in place? How can you get everyone on the same page? What tools and resources do you need? What mistakes need to be undone? Can I do it all in-house, or do I need to bring in experts? All these questions, and more, will be answered by the presenter, Simon Heseltine, who has taken sites to the next level, several times over. Learn tactical strategies you can begin implementing immediately, and how to avoid costly mistakes that would prevent you from moving forward.

Simon Heseltine, VP of Audience Growth @ Trader Interactive

Simon is the VP of Audience Growth at Trader Interactive in Norfolk, VA. He has led award winning teams at ForRent (2017) and AOL (2014), also working in-house at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and for several years on the agency side. Simon is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world and taught digital marketing for 5 years at Georgetown University, and served on the board of Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO).

Google Analytics as Business Intelligence Tool

Meaningful Metrics: Going beyond visits and page views

Measuring your website is vital to understanding not how your site is performing. But more importantly, it helps you understand people discover and consume your content. Going beyond measuring visitors and page views to find the stories hidden in your data can sometimes be tricky and takes a little outside-the-box thinking.

In this rapid-fire session, you'll see examples and case studies helping you segment and view your website analytics data to find understand the ROI of your campaigns, find more sales potential, understand traffic swings and see the secrets to measuring visitors across multiple devices.

Thom Craver, Lead SEO Analyst @ CBS Interactive

Thom Craver is Lead SEO Analyst for CBS Interactive, managing all the CBS News Digital properties, including 60 Minutes, Face the Nation and 48 Hours. A seasoned Web developer since 1993, Thom is a technical SEO and digital analytics expert. Thom has spoken at numerous digital marketing events and taught digital business courses at Quinnipiac University, Rochester Institute of Technology, SUNY community colleges and Bryant & Stratton.

The Best Ad Creative Ever

A Template for Great Marketing AND Leadership

What makes a perfect advertisement? Tom Ruwitch will reveal the best ad he's ever seen and deconstruct it to unveil its secrets. This ad's building blocks will give you a blueprint for improving your marketing and sales and for becoming a better, mission-focused leader. 

Tom Ruwitch, Founder and President @ MarketVolt

Tom is a marketing expert with with nearly 25 years’ experience helping businesses and individuals thrive using email and other interactive technologies. He is the founder and president of MarketVolt, an email service provider and marketing services firm based in St. Louis. 

He serves as the company's lead consultant for clients who seek website, email, social media, and other marketing guidance. Tom writes a monthly marketing column for a business journal in St. Louis, and serves as the MarketVolt's lead consultant for clients who seek website, email, social media, and other marketing guidance.

Using Content and Media to Position Yourself as a Leader

Looking to position you or your organization as a leader in your industry?

In this session EQ Editor-at-Large Dustin McKissen will share practical, actionable tips on growing your leadership brand using content and strategic media placements.

Dustin McKissen, Editor-at-Large @ Entrepreneur Quarterly

In addition to his role at EQ, Dustin is the co-founder of McKissen + Company and a contributor to Inc. Magazine, CNBC, VentureBeat, Governing, Yahoo!, Yahoo! Finance, Real Clear Markets, Business Insider, and a wide variety of other national and regional publications. Dustin is also a two-time LinkedIn Top Voice on Management and Culture. His writing across all media platforms has been viewed more than 20 million times.

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