Principal Keynote
Tim Sanders

We are thrilled to announce that Tim Sanders, the author of "Love is the Killer App" is headlining EQ Leadership Labs.


EQ Leadership Labs is grateful for support from our local and national partners.

15th April 2019 @ Union Station

Doors open 8am

Full-day agenda till 5pm. 

Intention & Leadership

Learn from some of the best brains in St. Louis.

Places as Teachers: Global Lessons and Local Application

The World is a Big Place and Full of Lessons Around Every Corner

During this talk, Travis will share key learning from across the globe that should be top of mind for those involved in the innovation community. Also discussed are ways to turn an organization into a learning environment that looks for lessons in atypical places.

Travis Sheridan, President @ CIC Venture Café Global Institute

Travis is the president of the CIC Venture Café Global Institute. A frequent speaker, he is passionate about entrepreneurship as a driver for economic development, and believes innovation is a process to improve the human condition. Travis was appointed to the board of the St Louis Economic Development Partnership by Mayor Krewson and serves on the board of the Laumeier Sculpture Park. Travis and his wife Gina, live in Old North St. Louis and are building the city’s first home out of shipping containers and share a deep commitment to supporting local artists.

Leadership as a Practice in Presence

Now is the era for mindful leaders. Leaders with deep self-understanding and the ability to connect authentically. 

Many leaders today have made the shift from “getting the most out of” to “bringing out the best in" everyone around them. Even more of us aspire to be the kind of leaders that can lead with presence, ease and positivity in the midst of change and complexity.

We read leadership books and take classes hoping for that missing piece of information or inspiration that will help us improve. All too often, once the spark fades, we find that we are still left with a gulf between our ideals and our reality.

In this talk, we will explore mindfulness as a key leadership practice to bridging the chasm between who we are and who we want to be as leaders.

Jo Pang, People Partner @ Slalom

Jo Pang's work is fueled by the possibility of a joyous, equitable and environmentally regenerative world. He works at the intersection of business, social justice and spirituality, transforming organizational human systems, team/interpersonal dynamics, and our inner worlds. His specialties are in mindfulness, diversity & inclusion, and human-centered organizational design & culture. He is the People Partner at Slalom St. Louis, ranked the 2019 #1 Best Place to Work by the St. Louis Business Journal, and a Founder of Culture Wise, a collectively-owned organization that provides consciousness-raising workshops, coaching and consulting for individuals and organizations.

Self-Care for Entrepreneurs

Let's Put the Idea of "Struggle Porn" to Bed Once and For All

Work-Life balance is a term dating back to the late 1800s and we’re still trying to solve the mystery. Launching a startup can be a lonely and stressful roller coaster ride and the amount of work involved can easily take over your life.

Shane Freeman, a walking Venn diagram of SaaS product development, marketing, and sales, will share his expertise and personal journey on how to blend the demands of company development while maintaining the health of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Shane Freeman, Principal @ okapi

Shane has 20 years of experience living in the center of a sales, marketing & technology. He is currently the principal at okapi, a SaaS startup built to measure, monitor and manage experiential marketing programs and is the founder of the SaaS Field Manual and Eureka Consulting Group where he helps emerging SaaS and professional service companies build strategy, process & alignment. Shane is an active Yogi and seeks to blur the lines between business and consciousness by incorporating self-care into his work life, teaching and consulting.

Burnout to Business

From Corporate Disaster to Thriving Company

We're taught that a successful leader attains a certain status, a certain lifestyle, a certain position in the world. But what if that position is built on a lie? Could that be why some leaders burn out, send their lives up in flames, get fired, get divorced, get sick, and never get their power back?

This story is all too common so let's talk about why that happens, how it can be prevented, and if the flames of burnout are already licking at your heels or kicking your behind, how you can reclaim your power, your life, and your living.


Mike Kitko, Executive Self-Mastery Coach

Mike Kitko is an Executive Self-Mastery Coach, Business Advisor, and Speaker. He found external success in the world through attaining powerful titles, incomes, and material possessions. He ultimately fell into depression, alcoholism, and neared the collapse of his family before he began a journey of internal happiness. Mike now coaches Executive Leaders to feel as powerful on the inside as they appear to those they lead.

The Leadership Push meets The Polarized Team

Teamwork that "WOWs" often comes from leadership that has "WOW'ed" the team.

Discover research driven tips that upskill your leadership style. Bob and Val, in their engaging and interactive style, team up to demonstrate how effective leaders can unify polarized teams. With decades of experience coaching team leaders in multiple industries, they will discuss the polarizing impact of communication breakdowns, conflicting agendas, and personal judgment.

Be prepared to have fun, learn some key takeaways, and put your team on a new course of peace and prosperity.

Bob Ramsey, Author, Speaker, Coach

Bob Ramsey is a nationally known speaker, thought leader and coach helping leaders everywhere transform into confident and effective change agents in their organizations. He has been helping companies like Adobe, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sandia Labs, and others perform at their best for over a decade. When offline he loves to grow peonies, strawberries, and old world roses.


Valerie Rasche, Business Consultant, Personable Speech Coach

Valerie Rasche is a regionally recognized business consultant and personable speech coach who has worked with dozens of St. Louis area start ups in their quest to hone their messaging, perfect their pitches, and obtain investment. Her ability to "hear between the lines" allows her to ask incisive questions and weave seemingly disparate ideas into a compelling story arc that enables founders, CEOs and managers in a variety of industries to formulate meaningful plans with measurable results. 

Leadership Is Listening

How to Achieve Non-Zero-Sum Conversations Where We All Win

"It was impossible to get a conversation going, everybody was talking too much." -- Yogi Berra

Most people would rather talk than be silent and, when not talking, are waiting for a chance to speak. Most people also want to form meaningful relationships, do business, convince people of ideas and more.
In this session, Oliver Cox explains how letting go of your words allows you to communicate more effectively, and how the act of listening transforms a conversation from a battle for airtime into a non-zero-sum game.

Oliver Cox, Business Development Manager @ Longneck & Thunderfoot

Oliver is a British digital strategist and salesperson, currently based in New York City where he lives with his wife Winona, a fashion entrepreneur. He heads the sales team at Longneck and Thunderfoot, where he has built and closed deals including with innovative startup companies, Fortune 500s and the United Nations. He focuses developing a philosophical basis for actions and strategy in sales, especially around humility, information, antifragility, and especially listening. A musician and writer, he is currently working on his third novel and his second concept album.

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