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Tim Sanders

We are thrilled to announce that Tim Sanders, the author of "Love is the Killer App" is headlining EQ Leadership Labs.


EQ Leadership Labs is grateful for support from our local and national partners.

15th April 2019 @ Union Station

Doors open 8am

Full-day agenda till 5pm. 

Culture & Change

Learn from some of the brightest minds in St. Louis.

Storytelling in St. Louis

Media Literacy for Entrepreneurs

EQ Leadership Labs is proud to host an open discussion between many important media organizations and show how — contrary to popular belief — the media is approachable and extremely interested in what's happening around innovation and entrepreneurship in St. Louis and regularly collaborates to elevate important discussions happening locally. 

This session aims to teach entrepreneurs, business owners and readers at large, aspects of media literacy and share some practical insights into the journalism craft, media production processes and what it really takes for media organizations to be responsible for the stories they report. 

Seasoned professional editors from prominent St. Louis publications will share insights into their values,  processes and ethics, to shed light on what you should include in your PR pitches and how every 'preneur can collaborate effectively with the media on local news that matters.

Allison Babka, Editor-in-Chief,

Interviewing interesting people about their creative "spark" has been Allison Babka’s unifying thread throughout a winding career. After creating and leading digital and print publications in St. Louis and elsewhere, Babka now helms, which showcases the unsung heroes who are contributing to the renaissance in St. Louis in a variety of meaningful ways.

With a team of locally based storytellers, she covers people in small businesses, emerging industries, arts and culture, education, community work and more.

David Nicklaus, Business columnist at St. Louis Post-Dispatch

David Nicklaus has been a business reporter, editor, and columnist at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and since 1981. He writes three columns a week on local and national business trends and economic issues, and collaborates with Jim Gallagher on The Bottom Line, a video discussion series about business topics. 

Nicklaus won a 2011 Gerald Loeb Award for the “Can St. Louis Compete?” series and is a four-time winner of the Best in Business award from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers.

Danyelle Little, Director of Social Media and Digital Marketing for The Big 550 KTRS Radio

Danyelle is a mother, an author, a blogger, podcaster, and a social media powerhouse. Her award-winning blog The Cubicle Chick is a platform in which to share tips, tools, and resources for busy working moms on the move. She is also the Director of Social Media and Digital Marketing for The Big 550 KTRS Radio in St. Louis, and lists collecting Prince vinyl, traveling, and watching classic movies as two of her hobbies.

Natasha Casey, Associate Professor of Communications at Blackburn College

Natasha is an Associate Professor of Communications at Blackburn College where she teaches a variety of courses including media and information literacy, communication theory, and senior seminar. She holds a Ph.D. in communication studies from McGill University (Montreal, Quebec) and her research interests include media and information literacy and critical race theory.

Having Open, Honest, Inclusive and Difficult Conversations  Through Digital Storytelling

Tensions sparked locally echo intense conversations happening globally.

St. Louis has seen strenuous challenges, stumbling blocks, and contentious national news coverage in the last decade. While locals strive to address the wounds of the city, some debate the best method of having productive and honest conversations.

Through a camera lens, Cami Thomas strives to curate hard-hitting conversations that are both challenging and uplifting. A firm believer in uplifting marginalized voices, Thomas believes in the power of digital storytelling to connect communities. The first step to solving the city's problems are to reconnect as a community. Through powerful digital storytelling tactics, Cami Thomas strives to teach the world how a camera can be the force that brings us together.

Cami Thomas, Red Bull Culture Marketing & Documentary Film Director

Recently featured in Teen Vogue, NPR, HuffPost and more, Cami Thomas is a Ferguson protestor turned documentary filmmaker, professional marketer, and writer. She's most widely known for her documentary series Smoke City, a collection of episodes that explores post-Ferguson St. Louis, and attempts to dismantle the racial divide by introducing viewers to the city's most misunderstood residents. By day, Cami is a marketing professional, having worked with national and international brands, while by night she navigates life behind the lens, as a content creator. Cami speaks on race relations in America, the importance of digital storytelling as a catalyst for change, art as activism, and how brands can utilize storytelling techniques to better connect with their audience.

Conscious Capitalism 101

Capitalism's power to positively change lives is unparalleled. But overreaching from that power has led to negative stereotypes such as greed, misconduct and exclusion.

This inaccurate way of thinking about business seemed destined to be an unshakable narrative — until now. There is a better way to be a capitalist. A way that will create a better world for everyone. A way forward for humankind to liberate the heroic spirit of business and our collective entrepreneurial creativity so we can be free to solve the many challenges we face. Conscious Capitalism provides that path.
In this interactive session, Tyler Kelley of SLAM! Agency, will introduce how business, when practiced consciously, innately elevates humanity. Learn what it takes to become a Conscious Capitalist and how you can incorporate Conscious Capitalism in your business and in our community.

Tyler Kelley, Co-Founder & Chief Strategist at SLAM! Agency

Tyler is the Co-Founder & Chief Strategist at SLAM! Agency, a digital storytelling agency that helps brands realize and reach their highest potential. With 18+ years in the results-driven marketing space, Tyler has earned a reputation for anticipating user trends and developing proactive strategies to drive brands forward. As a speaker, he has shared the stage with digital brands like Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest and Buzzfeed. Tyler is also the co-host of the hit podcast, Innovation City, which was named one of the top innovation podcasts in the nation by Bloomberg Cities.

Your Biggest Opportunity Doesn't Look Like You

The hot topic of People of Color in tech has gone from being discussed as a pipeline issue to the realization that it’s a racial and gender-based discrimination issue.

Fast forward to future consumers. As equality and equity slowly grows in the economic sphere, the people who buy the things will look like an array of rainbowed humans. However, their products and services are still largely maintained, created and produced, by the culturally hegemonic employee base.

Yet, people only buy what they see themselves in. So, to design things for those folks, we need to focus in on the main point of production: show that your product or service targets a diverse market. 

LaShana Lewis, CEO @ L. M. Lewis Consulting

LaShana is a technologist working in the diversity space with over 20 years of experience. She is currently the CEO of L. M. Lewis Consulting, a company which aims to make employers more diverse through recruitment, hiring, and retention best practices. Lewis also serves as the CTO of MultiPass, which seeks to network coworking spaces together. She recently joined Astral AR as Director of Aerospace IT, a company dedicated to giving police/search-and-rescue teams sensory capable drones.

The Air Your Organization Breathes

Early-stage startups often set out to build the businesses we imagine without noticing and naming the elements of culture – the unique ways people think and interact within an organization – that begin to take shape the moment we launch, if not before.

Organizational culture affects how people relate and work together, the context within which they create knowledge, the ways they share and hold onto knowledge, and how they advance and resist change. Culture includes an organization's vision, values, norms, systems, symbols, language, assumptions, environment, location, beliefs, and habits – even as these are being determined for the very first time.

Your company’s culture is no less than the air that flows through every aspect of your company, sight unseen. So let’s talk about how we can pump good air into our startups with greater intention, care, and thoughtful leadership from Day One.

Bijal Desai-Ramirez, Founder @ The Peepul Tree

Bijal Desai-Ramirez does not enjoy writing about herself. She’d rather focus on others, making the most of their brilliance, and building a world that values everyone. Bijal recently launched The Peepul Tree to design, articulate, and operationalize human-centered cultures for startups. Bijal has spent 20 years helping organizations solve problems with creativity, divergent thinking, and a relentless focus on people. She has also designed and built the foundations, systems, processes, and relationships that organizations need to start strong or grow stronger. The world is full of inequity – but with the right solutions in place, it doesn’t have to be.

Fund Hacking: How Crowdfunding Is Revolutionizing Business Capital

From idea stage to long-standing business, from for-profit to non-profit, all entrepreneurs and business owners should know how to leverage the power of crowdfunding to propel their business to the next stage.

Nvsted's Ched Wagner and Gladitood's Ryan Brennell will explain how crowdfunding is changing the small business world and how founders can use it to their advantage. The presentation will also include insights from Ryan Sim (We The People) and Jeff Stevens (WellBeing Brewing) about how they used crowdfunding to take their brands to the next level.

Ched Wagner
Manager @ Nvsted

Ryan Brennel
CEO & Co-Founder @ Gladitood

Jeff Stevens
Founder @ WellBeing Brewing

Ryan Sim
Managing Director - Marketing & Business Development @ We The People

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