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Tim Sanders

We are thrilled to announce that Tim Sanders, the author of "Love is the Killer App" is headlining EQ Leadership Labs.


EQ Leadership Labs is grateful for support from our local and national partners.

Faith Beats Fear. Greed Isn't Good. Nice People  Win Too.

Building powerful business relationships is a fundamental key to success for leaders, sales professionals, and contributors of all types.

That’s why Tim Sanders has circled the globe as a keynote speaker at conferences, conventions and corporate meetings, sharing his perspectives on leadership, relationships, sales and collaboration, delivering solutions and strategies and changing lives.

Tim is the author of five books, including the New York Times bestseller, Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends. His publications have over one million copies in print with bestseller status in India, South Korea, Italy, Brazil, and Denmark.

Tim is the CEO of Deeper Media, a research and consultancy firm that serves leading global brands, government agencies, and trade associations. Deeper Media helps individuals and organizations tackle marketing innovation, sales performance, talent management, leadership development, and organizational culture. He’s served on advisory boards for several startups, including the social reading website Goodreads, which was purchased by Amazon in 2014.

Today, his mission is to bring all of his life experiences and his unconventional, disruptive – yet inspired strategies and perspectives to thousands of people every year, helping them to boost their leadership effectiveness, human connection, and business performance.

Throughout his career, Tim Sanders has been on the cutting edge of innovation and change management. Fresh out of graduate school, he was deeply involved in the quality revolution, which disrupted manufacturing in the 1980’s. He joined the cellular phone industry the year it debuted in North America. He was an early stage member of Mark Cuban’s, which had the largest opening day gain in IPO history. He went to Yahoo! when they acquired Cuban’s company for almost six billion dollars and rose to the Chief Solutions Officer position and later was named the company’s leadership coach.

Tim credits his passions of research, critical thinking, and public speaking to his high school days, where he was the captain of the debate team, and then later in college, a national champion. He points to his years of fronting a rock band as the epicenter of his innovative approach to marketing.

15th April 2019 @ Union Station

Doors open 8am

Full-day agenda till 5pm. 

Marketing & Influence

Learn from pioneers in digital strategy.

The Link Intent Graph

When companies solve for customer intent, they elevate digital marketing to a strategic level.

Mike Grehan

SEO pioneer, author, world-traveler and keynote speaker, Champagne connoisseur and consummate drinking partner to the global digital marketing community. Former publisher of and, and producer of the industry’s largest search and social marketing event, SES Conference & Expo. Proud to be Chairman of SEMPO the largest global trade Association for search marketers. And equally proud to be CMO & Managing Director of Acronym, the darned finest search marketing agency in the known universe.

Fun fact: Used to be a popular radio DJ in the UK…

Before finding a proper job.

Discoverable, Shareable & Memorable

How to Uncover Your Personal Brand and Learn to Tell a Better Story About You

With a myriad of different digital touch points now vying for our attention, your personal brand is out there whether you own it or not. In this session, Mel Carson will take your on an actionable journey to uncover your personal brand, establish your professional purpose, and help you shape a story for yourself that lays out your wisdom and expertise for all to see and learn from. You’ll get practical advice to help you make the very best impression both online and in person, and understand how to put your best foot forward in creating a professional legacy to be proud of.

Mel Carson

Mel Carson, Founder and CEO of Seattle-based Modern Marketing & Digital PR firm, Delightful Communications, is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Personal Branding Consultant. He is author of two books, Pioneers of Digital and Introduction to Personal Branding. Prior to starting Delightful, Mel was the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Microsoft, helping big brands establish a presence on social media and online communities.

Building A Digital Marketing Team to Go Beyond the Basics

So you've got a website, it looks ok, but you don't really have a focus on digital marketing.

Someone has done the basics, the meta-tags look ok, the content seems fine, your traffic has been slowly edging in the right direction, but now you are ready to take it to the next level.

How do you start? What do you need to do before you start? Do you have the right team in place? How can you get everyone on the same page? What tools and resources do you need? What mistakes need to be undone? Can I do it all in-house, or do I need to bring in experts? All these questions, and more, will be answered by the presenter, Simon Heseltine, who has taken sites to the next level, several times over. Learn tactical strategies you can begin implementing immediately, and how to avoid costly mistakes that would prevent you from moving forward.

Simon Heseltine

Simon is the VP of Audience Growth at Trader Interactive in Norfolk, VA. He has led award winning teams at ForRent (2017) and AOL (2014), also working in-house at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and for several years on the agency side. Simon is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world and taught digital marketing for 5 years at Georgetown University, and served on the board of Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO).

Google Analytics as Business Intelligence Tool

Meaningful Metrics: Going beyond visits and page views

Measuring your website is vital to understanding not how your site is performing. But more importantly, it helps you understand people discover and consume your content. Going beyond measuring visitors and page views to find the stories hidden in your data can sometimes be tricky and takes a little outside-the-box thinking.

In this rapid-fire session, you'll see examples and case studies helping you segment and view your website analytics data to find understand the ROI of your campaigns, find more sales potential, understand traffic swings and see the secrets to measuring visitors across multiple devices.

Thom Craver

Thom Craver is Lead SEO Analyst for CBS Interactive, managing all the CBS News Digital properties, including 60 Minutes, Face the Nation and 48 Hours. A seasoned Web developer since 1993, Thom is a technical SEO and digital analytics expert. Thom has spoken at numerous digital marketing events and taught digital business courses at Quinnipiac University, Rochester Institute of Technology, SUNY community colleges and Bryant & Stratton.

The Best Ad Creative Ever

A Template for Great Marketing AND Leadership

What makes a perfect advertisement? Tom Ruwitch will reveal the best ad he's ever seen and deconstruct it to unveil its secrets. This ad's building blocks will give you a blueprint for improving your marketing and sales and for becoming a better, mission-focused leader. 

Tom Ruwitch

Tom is a marketing expert with with nearly 25 years’ experience helping businesses and individuals thrive using email and other interactive technologies. He is the founder and president of MarketVolt, an email service provider and marketing services firm based in St. Louis. 

He serves as the company's lead consultant for clients who seek website, email, social media, and other marketing guidance. Tom writes a monthly marketing column for a business journal in St. Louis, and serves as the MarketVolt's lead consultant for clients who seek website, email, social media, and other marketing guidance.

Using Content and Media to Position Yourself as a Leader

Looking to position you or your organization as a leader in your industry?

In this session EQ Editor-at-Large Dustin McKissen will share practical, actionable tips on growing your leadership brand using content and strategic media placements.

Dustin McKissen

In addition to his role at EQ, Dustin is the co-founder of McKissen + Company and a contributor to Inc. Magazine, CNBC, VentureBeat, Governing, Yahoo!, Yahoo! Finance, Real Clear Markets, Business Insider, and a wide variety of other national and regional publications. Dustin is also a two-time LinkedIn Top Voice on Management and Culture. His writing across all media platforms has been viewed more than 20 million times.

Sales & Growth

Learn from the fastest growing startups in St. Louis.

Being a Sales Focused Founder/C Level Executive

Panel Discussion

Luke Babich

Luke is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Clever Real Estate, the fastest-growing platform for homeowners to sell their home with a top-rated local agent and save thousands on commission.

Drew Winship

Drew is the CEO and co-founder of Juristat, an analytics tool that leverages big data and AI to help patent prosecutors predict the future. Customers include numerous NLJ250 law firms and Fortune 500 companies throughout the country.

Allison Bischoff

Allison is co-founder and COO of Rozzy Learning Company, a digital education company bringing career-infused learning to K-8th grade classrooms. Allison grew Rozzy from a bootstrapped 2-person team to a 10-person organization with over a half-million dollars in sales in its first 2 years.

Marc Bernstein

Marc is the Founder and CEO of Balto, an A.I. technology company that helps organizations generate as much revenue from their phone calls as humanly possible. Marc has led Balto to deliver more than 8,000 hours of personalized coaching over across nearly 3 million phone calls.

Hiring The Right People & Onboarding Them

Panel Discussion

Jaime Nunnelee

Jaime specializes in placing Sales, Recruiting and Human Resource professionals. She serves as a consultants to her clients and candidates to facilitate successful matches for both parties.

Tom Hanrahan

Sales Leader with 10+ years of experience in Sales, Tech Sales, Sales Operations and Business Development. Motivated by developing future leaders, cross-functional collaboration, and solving "unique" business problems.

Jason Boone

Jason Boone is a 20 year recruiting professional and currently the Veteran & Military Sourcing Leader for Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest defense contractor. His focus is the digital transformation of military recruitment.

Steve Williams

Steve leads sales for a Silicon Valley based company and has led sales for multiple St. Louis area companies. He has hired and on-boarded many salespeople over the past few years with mostly positive results and some lessons learned.

Building A Sales Process That’s Repeatable & Executable

Panel Discussion

Jake Bernstein

Jake is a Senior Business Development Manager for Bonfyre, working to create and cultivate strong, authentic relationships with customers and align their employee experience solution with prospect's challenges.

Amy Kohl

Amy leverages digital marketing and lead automation to build, launch and train lead generation processes for startup and SMB businesses. Her strategies include clear processes, easy adoption and accurate reporting for scalable and on-going success.

Ryan O'Neil

Ryan is a thought leader in the floral industry and with his wonderfully-creative wife, Rachael, founded Twisted Willow Design in St. Louis, Missouri as a wedding-focused floral company. From that experience, Ryan created Curate, an event software platform that helps manage all the moving pieces for events.

Richard Hoffmann

Richard is a seasoned Silicon Valley business development executive with experience at six technology startups, as well as senior management roles in the IBM Software Group, Informix Software and Documentum.

Best Practices for SDR Teams. Cadences That Book Meetings.

Panel Discussion

Andrea Lydon

Andrea Lydon leads the Global Sales Development team at Gainsight across offices in Phoenix, San Francisco & London. Although her job is to develop massive amounts of top-of-funnel pipeline, her true metric of success is how many team members that she can mentor and promote to the next level of their career. As a former SDR who learned the ropes at Salesforce, Andrea is passionate about embracing a human first approach to prospecting and metrics that incentive quality conversations vs static KPIs.

Jennifer Balogh

Jenn Balogh is a Named Account Executive at SiriusDecisions working at the Wilton, CT HQ. Jenn has been with SiriusDecisions for 3 years, in a field sales position covering new business for the Midwest. Jenn has a BA from the University of Connecticut double majoring in Communications and Political Science. Outside of her sales career, she has passion for fitness and wellness, coaching her high school Alma Mater's varsity cheerleading team and planning to complete her personal training certification.

Krystal Diel

Krystal Diel is the Manager of Business Development at, an AI platform organization, that was designed to make all of your company’s human-relations intelligence accessible in the simplest way possible. Krystal has several years of sales, management, and cross-functional department experience. She is an expert in the art and science of sales and is currently focused on creating scalable and repeatable processes that drive success in organizations.

William Pappa

Bill brings over 10 years of sales experience to Mintigo. In his current role, Bill has responsibility for new business development, account management, customer experience initiatives, content development, as well as overseeing the expansion of the SDR team. Bill has a passion for developing and deploying sales systems and account management strategies that drive acquisition, retention, and growth. Bill is equally passionate, however, about the human side of sales.

Using Social Media to Drive Your Sales Pipeline

Panel Discussion

Michael Seaman

Michael is the CEO of, a payments software company located in downtown St. Louis. SwipeSum is the first online marketplace for payments, where any business can find the best credit card processing solution at the lowest rates. In 2018, SwipeSum was named in the top 100 financial startups globally by Money 20/20, was featured in Inc. Magazine twice for its growth in the Midwest, was an Arch Grant recipient, raised over $1M in Seed funding, and grew its team by 300%.

Carson Heady

Carson is a top performing sales leader, speaker and management consultant. He’s the author of the ‘Birth of a Salesman’ series, which details the art of sales - from interviewing through preparation, pitching, closing and advancing your career in sales. Carson has worked at companies like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile before joining Microsoft as a sales leader. He is regarded as one of Microsoft’s top social sellers and presents to numerous internal divisions on the topic.

Morgan J. Ingram

Morgan has been named one of the Top 50 Sales Leaders to follow by LinkedIn, and LinkedIn's Top Voices in Sales and his work has been featured in Forbes, Sales Hacker, the Hubspot blog, and the Harvard Business Review. In addition, Morgan started his own YouTube series, The SDR Chronicles, with more than 100 videos providing SDRs with motivation, advice, and tactics. Morgan is the Director of Execution and Evolution at JBarrows Sales Training

Scott Barker

Scott Barker is the Head of Partnerships at Sales Hacker, a Sales Engagement Evangelist at and the GM of the Vancouver Enterprise Sales Forum. As a top performer in sales, business development, marketing and team building at B2B SAAS companies, I am passionate about building and strengthening authentic relationships with my team and partners.

Leadership & Intention

Learn from some of the best brains in St. Louis.

Places as Teachers: Global Lessons and Local Application

The World is a Big Place and Full of Lessons Around Every Corner

During this talk, Travis will share key learning from across the globe that should be top of mind for those involved in the innovation community. Also discussed are ways to turn an organization into a learning environment that looks for lessons in atypical places.

Travis Sheridan

Travis is the president of the CIC Venture Café Global Institute. A frequent speaker, he is passionate about entrepreneurship as a driver for economic development, and believes innovation is a process to improve the human condition. Travis was appointed to the board of the St Louis Economic Development Partnership by Mayor Krewson and serves on the board of the Laumeier Sculpture Park. Travis and his wife Gina, live in Old North St. Louis and are building the city’s first home out of shipping containers and share a deep commitment to supporting local artists.

Self-Care for Entrepreneurs

Let's Put the Idea of "Struggle Porn" to Bed Once and For All

Work-Life balance is a term dating back to the late 1800s and we’re still trying to solve the mystery. Launching a startup can be a lonely and stressful roller coaster ride and the amount of work involved can easily take over your life.

Shane Freeman, a walking Venn diagram of SaaS product development, marketing, and sales, will share his expertise and personal journey on how to blend the demands of company development while maintaining the health of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Shane Freeman

Shane has 20 years of experience living in the center of a sales, marketing & technology. He is currently the principal at okapi, a SaaS startup built to measure, monitor and manage experiential marketing programs and is the founder of the SaaS Field Manual and Eureka Consulting Group where he helps emerging SaaS and professional service companies build strategy, process & alignment. Shane is an active Yogi and seeks to blur the lines between business and consciousness by incorporating self-care into his work life, teaching and consulting.

Leadership as a Practice in Presence

Now is the era for mindful leaders. Leaders with deep self-understanding and the ability to connect authentically. 

Many leaders today have made the shift from “getting the most out of” to “bringing out the best in" everyone around them. Even more of us aspire to be the kind of leaders that can lead with presence, ease and positivity in the midst of change and complexity.

We read leadership books and take classes hoping for that missing piece of information or inspiration that will help us improve. All too often, once the spark fades, we find that we are still left with a gulf between our ideals and our reality.

In this talk, we will explore mindfulness as a key leadership practice to bridging the chasm between who we are and who we want to be as leaders.

Jo Pang

Jo Pang's work is fueled by the possibility of a joyous, equitable and environmentally regenerative world. He works at the intersection of business, social justice and spirituality, transforming organizational human systems, team/interpersonal dynamics, and our inner worlds. His specialties are in mindfulness, diversity & inclusion, and human-centered organizational design & culture. He is the People Partner at Slalom St. Louis, ranked the 2019 #1 Best Place to Work by the St. Louis Business Journal, and a Founder of Culture Wise, a collectively-owned organization that provides consciousness-raising workshops, coaching and consulting for individuals and organizations.

The Leadership Push meets The Polarized Team

Teamwork that "WOWs" often comes from leadership that has "WOW'ed" the team.

Discover research driven tips that upskill your leadership style. Bob and Val, in their engaging and interactive style, team up to demonstrate how effective leaders can unify polarized teams. With decades of experience coaching team leaders in multiple industries, they will discuss the polarizing impact of communication breakdowns, conflicting agendas, and personal judgment.

Be prepared to have fun, learn some key takeaways, and put your team on a new course of peace and prosperity.

Bob Ramsey

Bob Ramsey is a nationally known speaker, thought leader and coach helping leaders everywhere transform into confident and effective change agents in their organizations. He has been helping companies like Adobe, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sandia Labs, and others perform at their best for over a decade. When offline he loves to grow peonies, strawberries, and old world roses.


Valerie Rasche

Valerie Rasche is a regionally recognized business consultant and personable speech coach who has worked with dozens of St. Louis area start ups in their quest to hone their messaging, perfect their pitches, and obtain investment. Her ability to "hear between the lines" allows her to ask incisive questions and weave seemingly disparate ideas into a compelling story arc that enables founders, CEOs and managers in a variety of industries to formulate meaningful plans with measurable results. 

Culture & Change

Learn from some of the brightest minds in St. Louis.

Having Open, Honest, Inclusive and Difficult Conversations  Through Digital Storytelling

Tensions sparked locally echo intense conversations happening globally.

St. Louis has seen strenuous challenges, stumbling blocks, and contentious national news coverage in the last decade. While locals strive to address the wounds of the city, some debate the best method of having productive and honest conversations.

Through a camera lens, Cami Thomas strives to curate hard-hitting conversations that are both challenging and uplifting. A firm believer in uplifting marginalized voices, Thomas believes in the power of digital storytelling to connect communities. The first step to solving the city's problems are to reconnect as a community. Through powerful digital storytelling tactics, Cami Thomas strives to teach the world how a camera can be the force that brings us together.

Cami Thomas

Recently featured in Teen Vogue, NPR, HuffPost and more, Cami Thomas is a Ferguson protestor turned documentary filmmaker, professional marketer, and writer. She's most widely known for her documentary series Smoke City, a collection of episodes that explores post-Ferguson St. Louis, and attempts to dismantle the racial divide by introducing viewers to the city's most misunderstood residents. By day, Cami is a marketing professional, having worked with national and international brands, while by night she navigates life behind the lens, as a content creator. Cami speaks on race relations in America, the importance of digital storytelling as a catalyst for change, art as activism, and how brands can utilize storytelling techniques to better connect with their audience.

Conscious Capitalism 101

Capitalism's power to positively change lives is unparalleled. But overreaching from that power has led to negative stereotypes such as greed, misconduct and exclusion.

This inaccurate way of thinking about business seemed destined to be an unshakable narrative — until now. There is a better way to be a capitalist. A way that will create a better world for everyone. A way forward for humankind to liberate the heroic spirit of business and our collective entrepreneurial creativity so we can be free to solve the many challenges we face. Conscious Capitalism provides that path.
In this interactive session, Tyler Kelley of SLAM! Agency, will introduce how business, when practiced consciously, innately elevates humanity. Learn what it takes to become a Conscious Capitalist and how you can incorporate Conscious Capitalism in your business and in our community.

Tyler Kelley

Tyler is the Co-Founder & Chief Strategist at SLAM! Agency, a digital storytelling agency that helps brands realize and reach their highest potential. With 18+ years in the results-driven marketing space, Tyler has earned a reputation for anticipating user trends and developing proactive strategies to drive brands forward. As a speaker, he has shared the stage with digital brands like Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest and Buzzfeed. Tyler is also the co-host of the hit podcast, Innovation City, which was named one of the top innovation podcasts in the nation by Bloomberg Cities.

Your Biggest Opportunity Doesn't Look Like You

The hot topic of People of Color in tech has gone from being discussed as a pipeline issue to the realization that it’s a racial and gender-based discrimination issue.

Fast forward to future consumers. As equality and equity slowly grows in the economic sphere, the people who buy the things will look like an array of rainbowed humans. However, their products and services are still largely maintained, created and produced, by the culturally hegemonic employee base.

Yet, people only buy what they see themselves in. So, to design things for those folks, we need to focus in on the main point of production: show that your product or service targets a diverse market. 

LaShana Lewis

LaShana is a technologist working in the diversity space with over 20 years of experience. She is currently the CEO of L. M. Lewis Consulting, a company which aims to make employers more diverse through recruitment, hiring, and retention best practices. Lewis also serves as the CTO of MultiPass, which seeks to network coworking spaces together. She recently joined Astral AR as Director of Aerospace IT, a company dedicated to giving police/search-and-rescue teams sensory capable drones.

The Air Your Organization Breathes

Early-stage startups often set out to build the businesses we imagine without noticing and naming the elements of culture – the unique ways people think and interact within an organization – that begin to take shape the moment we launch, if not before.

Organizational culture affects how people relate and work together, the context within which they create knowledge, the ways they share and hold onto knowledge, and how they advance and resist change. Culture includes an organization's vision, values, norms, systems, symbols, language, assumptions, environment, location, beliefs, and habits – even as these are being determined for the very first time.

Your company’s culture is no less than the air that flows through every aspect of your company, sight unseen. So let’s talk about how we can pump good air into our startups with greater intention, care, and thoughtful leadership from Day One.

Bijal Desai-Ramirez

Bijal Desai-Ramirez does not enjoy writing about herself. She’d rather focus on others, making the most of their brilliance, and building a world that values everyone. Bijal recently launched The Peepul Tree to design, articulate, and operationalize human-centered cultures for startups. Bijal has spent 20 years helping organizations solve problems with creativity, divergent thinking, and a relentless focus on people. She has also designed and built the foundations, systems, processes, and relationships that organizations need to start strong or grow stronger. The world is full of inequity – but with the right solutions in place, it doesn’t have to be.

Fund Hacking: How Crowdfunding Is Revolutionizing Business Capital

From idea stage to long-standing business, from for-profit to non-profit, all entrepreneurs and business owners should know how to leverage the power of crowdfunding to propel their business to the next stage.

Nvsted's Ched Wagner and Gladitood's Ryan Brennell will explain how crowdfunding is changing the small business world and how founders can use it to their advantage. The presentation will also include insights from Ryan Sim (We The People) and Jeff Stevens (WellBeing Brewing) about how they used crowdfunding to take their brands to the next level.

Ched Wagner

Ryan Brennel

Jeff Stevens

Ryan Sim

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